Industry Pathways Programs and
Trade Training Centre

Year 9, 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to participate in the Industry Pathways program (IPP) through the on-site Trade Training Centre (TTC). These students have to commit to potentially remaining part of a selected cohort for at least three years of their schooling. Participants focus their schooling on the completion of their SACE starting at year 10; with the ultimate aim of gaining an apprenticeship or a full time placement at TAFESA studying in their chosen trade field.

Students commit to a contract of behaviour and expectations when entering the IPP. The contract is a written agreement between the student, parent and the program manager.

Work placement is a key to the success of the IPP. Throughout the program students are expected to complete a minimum of 160 hours of work placement commencing from year 10. This may be completed over individual days or blocks of time in negotiation with local or regional businesses. The work placement is an opportunity for students to validate the skills and knowledge gained at school in a range of trade related curriculum and at TAFESA during vocational placements.

TAFESA Ӱɴý is part of the success of the IPP through their long relationship. During year 11 students attend TAFE one day per week, plus week blocks as negotiated, working towards the completion of negotiated Certificate 2 courses, generally in the fields of Construction, Automotive or Electrical. During the students time at the TAFE facility they become familiar with the expectations of an apprentice when in a training facility. The competencies that students complete during the IPP gain valuable credits towards their SACE.

Along with the ability to complete their SACE and gain a wide range of nationally accredited industry standard skills and competencies, students gain many life and goal setting skills that will be of benefit to them when pursuing post school options.

If you would like further information regarding the selection process please contact the Industry Pathways Program Senior Leader on 86473300.