Ӱɴý Follow The Dream Program (FTD)

Established in 2006, students from Years 7 - 12 attend the dedicated Enrichment Centre up to three afternoons per week after school.

The Follow the Dream (FTD) program in Ӱɴý supports Aboriginal students in years 7 – 12, who aspire to successfully complete their secondary schooling, show aptitude for learning, and demonstrate a positive approach towards education.

Throughout the academic year, students also engage in a range of extra-curricular activities that broaden their horizons, build resilience, develop confidence and promote cultural pride. The program introduces students to a wealth of experiences, opens their eyes to a huge range of post-school pathways, and encourages them to dream big. Students who are part of the ‘Follow the Dream Family’ gain a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Not only do they embark on a positive post-school pathway, but they emerge as strong role models for their peers, siblings and wider community.

Follow the Dream program is a partnership between Ӱɴý Secondary School, Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation, State and Australian Government Departments and Private and Philanthropic sponsors.

Ӱɴý Primary
Learning Club (PLC)

Established in 2022, students from Years 3 – 6 attend the Primary Learning Club, one afternoon a week.

Polly Farmer Learning Clubs provide Aboriginal students (Years 3-6) with after-school education-based activities that aim to enrich the child’s learning across all learning areas with a focus on literacy, numeracy, general capabilities, STEM, teamwork and culture.

Learning clubs are fun, safe and positive places where students have the opportunity to mix with other students and to take part in enriching and interesting experiences.

The program compliments the Australian Curriculum and helps students to develop their skills and build good study habits and attitudes that will help them to be successful learners. The aim of the Primary Learning Clubs is to improve school attendance and support student transition from year level to year level.

The primary schools within Ӱɴý that make up the Ӱɴý Primary Learning Club is Stirling North, Flinders View and Carlton Primary Schools.

Any further information and/or questions about our Polly Farmer Foundation Programs please do not hesitate to contact Program Coordinator