As a graduate teacher beginning my education journey in Ӱɴý in 1988 until present, I have a long-term relationship with our great city and in particular Ӱɴý Secondary School (PASS). I have worked with staff, students, and the wider school community to see PASS evolve into an institution with a strong reputation locally and beyond for supporting all students to fulfil their life dreams and ambitions.

Our school motto “Success For All” says it all. With the many successful and diverse programs on offer, our students will be given every opportunity to grow and realise their potential, regardless of their interests, career pathway aspirations and areas of expertise. Our staff, students and parents don’t just “talk the talk”, our data proves that we also “walk the walk”.

I welcome all visitors to our website and urge you to have a close look at what is a caring, inclusive, and vibrant school that is always working towards the holistic development of young people in our region. I am always available to discuss in more detail and answer any questions that you may have about PASS.

Kind Regards

Simon Owens