Materials and Services Charge

The Materials and Services Charge is a compulsory payment and must be paid in full. The Materials and Services Charge has been set at $379 for 2024.

The week prior to school commencing is identified for the payment of fees and for parents to apply for school card. A reminder SMS will be sent early in 2024. 

All parents are expected to make either full payment, arrange to pay by instalments via Direct Debit requests or apply for school card at this time.


Direct Debit

Account Name
Ӱɴý Secondary School Council Inc.
Commonwealth Bank
065 507
Account No

b-point payment - online credit card payment facility

Please ensure that all payments are identified so that we know which student to credit the payment against.

There is a Family Code on the statement in the top right hand side eg: ABCD00.

Instalment payments

Due dates and costs for instalments for the 2025 school year will be listed here at a later date.

1st Instalment
2nd Instalment
3rd Instalment
4th instalment

Parents/Guardians must make arrangements to organise payment of the materials and service charge, camp and excursion charges and any other charges associated with the child’s attendance at Ӱɴý Secondary School. The following will occur in cases where payment arrangements have not been made:

  • Amounts outstanding for 90 days or more will be referred for debt recovery in accordance with the Debtor Management Instruction and pursued through the Central Debt Collection process.
  • Payments for, or a completed ‘Commitment to Pay form’ for camps/excursions/events must be received prior to students being permitted to attend or participate in the camp/excursion or activity/event.

School Card

Application for School Card needs to occur the week prior to school commencing:

A new application form needs to be submitted EACH year. This can be done through the school or online at:  – search ‘School Card’.

School Card must be applied for each year as family circumstances and eligibility criteria are continually changing.

Please bring along your Centrelink card with CRN details, including partner details.

Depending on the grounds you are applying for School Card, you may also require proof of income for the 2022/23 financial year, youth allowance letters from Centrelink or similar correspondence, or your pensioner concession card or health care card.

Eligibility criteria / income limits

Eligibility for School Card assistance is dependent upon family gross income for the 2022/2023 financial year being within the School Card limits.

Gross income does not include any amounts received for Family Tax Benefits Parts A and B and child maintenance payments. If family circumstances have changed since lodgement of your 2022/2023 tax return, application for School Card can be made on the grounds of hardship.

Various Application Forms are available from the School or online